Spotlight On Insiders

Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming an Insider?

Before insiderPR, I spent 5 years working as a digital marketing freelancer for startups and government agencies in Abuja. I had never done anything close to PR except for a time between 2017 and 2018 when I worked in a communications department for a retail company.

Incidentally, this was also my first experience working in a corporate setting since starting a career in digital marketing/communications. It was a learning curve working in a team and after this, I became more open to the idea of working in an agency.

In March 2019, I saw a job ad on Twitter asking for a part-time Social Media manager with an interest in African businesses. Two years later, I am proud to be managing social media for some of Africa and the Middle East’s thought leaders, alongside a bunch of awesome colleagues.

What does a typical day at Insider PR look like for you?

Amplifying clients’ thought leadership via social media is at the centre of my role. A typical day usually begins and ends with searching for industry related news and announcements relevant to clients and reformatting for content or direct commentary.

I also work closely with account managers to build out content calendars for clients’ social media, and make sure that all scheduled posts go out successfully. Additionally, I keep tabs on clients’ online mentions relevant to the startup ecosystem.

Last but definitely not the least, I manage insiderPR’s online presence via social media and other digital platforms. My work day ends with keeping my team abreast with news pertinent to client work and important for pitching.

Based on your insider knowledge, which sectors or ideas are you most excited to see develop over the next five years?

I would like to see more exits and consolidations in the fintech space. In 2020, Africa’s fintech scene witnessed notable exits in Paystack, DPO Group and Sendwave. I think that there are currently a lot of small to medium sized players doing remarkable work. In the near term, I expect to see an increase in M&A activity which will positively impact funding for players in this space.

Another idea I’d like to see develop is charter cities. An ex-client is a proponent, and it caught on. Most cities here in Africa especially are poorly run with very little planning and charter cities may just be what we need to progress. I would also fancy living in one set up in Africa.

How do you think the PR industry is changing and adapting to the current global landscape?

More PR professionals will need to become familiar with concepts like SEO and have it in their tool kit. There are reportedly 4.7 billion internet users and they all do one thing when they want to find out more on a topic or individual — search.

What’s one thing you learnt about yourself during the lockdown?

Working from home during the lockdown was harder than I thought it would be. This is even more bizarre to comprehend when I think back to my days as a freelancer, where my ‘office’ was right at my home desk.

In hindsight, doing it while living with family definitely made it harder. I cannot count how many times I was interrupted during team meetings. In a lockdown, you are also at the mercy of power cuts and we get a lot of those around here.

If you could sit down to dinner with any celebrity/thought leader (dead or alive), who would you pick, and what would you discuss?

Trevor Noah. We would talk about life, careers and African politics, especially voter apathy amongst Africa’s urban youth over some cold beers.

What’s your hot tip for businesses and brands considering PR?

Entrepreneurs and funds seeking PR must understand the difference between PR and Marketing. We often come across clients who mix up both concepts, which can affect expectations. Our work encourages stakeholders to form positive opinions about clients to help raise rounds, top of mind awareness, and only indirectly drives sales. We focus on thought leadership and generating investor interest rather than running radio ads or putting up billboards.

PR Agency. We tell stories of visionary tech entrepreneurs and startups in emerging markets.

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PR Agency. We tell stories of visionary tech entrepreneurs and startups in emerging markets.

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